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At Contract Safety Professionals (CSP), we’re not just an EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) consulting firm; we’re your partners in building a safer, more efficient construction environment. 

With a proven track record in managing safety programs for various construction sites nationwide, our focus is on making your job-site a beacon of safety excellence. We understand the unique challenges faced by project managers, safety directors, and construction executives, and we’re here to ensure your project’s success with top-notch OSHA training and skilled Safety Professionals.

Our team of professionals are ready to bring their hands-on experience to your site, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and most importantly, the well-being of every team member. CSP’s founders have a strong background in safety consulting, training and delivering Environmental Health & Safety solutions across these key sectors:


Our Services

We specialize in construction, semi-conductor, data center, large industrial facilities, power generation, manufacturing, and mining.

Safety Staffing & Consulting

CSP is dedicated to delivering top-tier safety expertise to projects of various scales, catering to both extended and brief requirements. Our expert safety team is extensively educated in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) principles, ensuring in-depth understanding of OSHA guidelines, alongside adherence to relevant state and local regulations.

The CSP Difference

Every facility assumes risk to the customer, the builder, and the personnel it employs. CSP was developed on the principle value that all risk can be controlled to an acceptable measure no matter how complex the project or facility.

CSP brings the resources to the customer, and the industry knowledge to execute an effective plan. Some of the largest risks companies face in today’s industry are complex such as:

  • Labor Markets (Union vs Non-Union)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Owner/Contractor controlled insurance programs (OCIP/CCIP)
  • State run and Federal Labor Laws
  • Client/Customer requirements (and require proper programs and resources)

Why Clients Choose Us


  • We believe everything in life begins with relationships!  We maintain collaborative relationships with top professionals in a range of disciplines to provide specialized services where needed!


  • We understand how important professionalism is and take great pride in our results! All of our consultants have your best interest in mind and want to make your project the absolute best!


  • We are committed to a safe job-site! That is why we offer all the necessary OSHA training and OSHA trained Safety Professionals to help keep your job-site and project safe and successful! We have qualified and trained professionals ready to help you maintain excellence!

The Right Partner Can Give You The Real Value Of Your Investment

Our Contributions

Some of the Industries We Serve!
Semi Conductor

Our services focus on comprehensive compliance with industry-specific regulations, ensuring a safe workplace while minimizing environmental impact. We provide expert strategies for handling hazardous materials, maintaining cleanroom standards, and implementing best practices for worker safety and health.

Working Construction Team

Our services emphasize compliance with industry regulations and promote a culture of safety on-site. We specialize in risk assessment, hazard management, and implementing effective safety protocols. Our consultants offer tailored strategies to manage construction-specific challenges such as fall protection, equipment safety, and noise control, ensuring a safe and health-conscious work environment for all involved in the construction process.

Data Center

Our services ensure compliance with relevant EHS regulations, emphasizing the importance of a safe and sustainable working environment. We specialize in risk management strategies for critical infrastructure, emphasizing fire safety, electrical hazards, and ergonomic considerations. Our approach includes tailored solutions for effective cooling system management, energy efficiency, and emergency preparedness, ensuring the well-being of personnel and the protection of vital data assets.

Need Help with Easier EHS Solutions? We Are Experts!

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